Thursday, December 27, 2007

Akatsuki Updated

Well the last time I wrote an akatsuki article was when Hidan and Kakuzu just came out. That was a long time ago... o_o We now know quite different. Yes, quite different.

  • First of all and most... unimportant, Hidan and Kakuzu are dead. I say thank god to that

  • Second, poor Deidara is also dead. That is quite sad... yes sad indeed.

  • Then, after all this, we are introduced to the two last members of akatsuki Blue ...sorry Konan and Pein

  • Konan is defeated by Jiraiya

  • Pein reveals to be six people (there may be more O_o)

  • Itachi meets Sasuke

  • Tobi messes with Naruto and team

  • Kisame holds Sasuke Team back

  • Pein kills Jiraiya, Jiraiya is dead?!?!? ... or is he? TT_TT I hope not

  • Sasuke and Itachi about to fight

Hmmm... that felt good, to releave all that. Tsunade's bet was right. She's getting better... I really wonder whats going to happen. Why was the last chapter called: The Last Chapter, and then?! ? Is it nearly ending? The series? This feels like...war for some reason... not that I've ever experienced a was.... I dunno....

Anyways, I think I'll stop. This can count as a post right? Yeah it can.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Currently Updated

First of all I guess I have to write the manga I'm all caught up to. Because, you see, even though I haven't been updating my blog, I have kept faithful to my vocation and read manga each week and so on. But I have to admit that I don't really watch anime anymore. I get all heated-up when I see all the bad animation. Like they should really take the opportunity to make such great stories into great animations shouldn't they? Well here are the Manga that I am currently reading (In alphabetical order) :

1. BODY ch. 20
Thanks to Dragon Voice Project Scanlations

2. Beauty Pop ch. 27
Thanks to Dragon Voice Project Scanlations and Enchantment Scans Scanlations

3. Bleach ch. 304
Thanks to: please refer to

4. Cherry Juice ch. 16
Thanks to Divine Sanctuary Scanlations and Nagareboshi Manga Scanlations

5. D. Grayman ch. 142
Thanks to: please refer to

6. Fullmetal Alchemist ch. 78
Thanks to: please refer to

7. Honey x Honey Drops ch. 7
Thanks to Condensation Scanlations

8. Kaichou wa Maid-sama ch. 2
Thanks to Aku Tenshi Scanlations and Team Ugoff Scanlations

9. Kimi ni Todoke ch. 2
Thanks to Dragon Voice Project Scanlations, Entropy Scanlations and Puri-Puri Scanlations

10. Miseinen Lovers ch. 1
Thanks to Dragon Voice Project Scanlations

11. Naruto ch. 383
Thanks to: please refer to

12. Orange Planet ch. 16
Thanks to Nagareboshi Manga Scanlations

13. Special A ch. 24 (25~26 just came out, haven't read it yet)
Thanks to: please refer to

14. Sprout ch. 8
Thanks to Ochibichan Scanlations

15. Tonari no Shugoshin ch. 4
Thanks to Tenshi-Tachi Scanlations

Not up to date yet:

Nana ch. 38

Koukou Debut ch. 31

Finding time to read:

Fairy Tail
Eyeshield 21
Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Reading for collection:
Love Com
La Corda D'oro
Gentleman's Alliance
All series serialized in Shojo Beat magazine

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I'm Back!!

Hello hello!! I'm back! I've decided to start writing in my blog again! yay! Gotta start updating all that stuff... I can see that my last post was on May 22nd. That was more than a half year ago... Well, nobody comes on my blog anyways. None of my friends are interested in blogging, i guess the fads out. Wait a minute, was it ever in before? I've never heard anyone talk about it... do only old people blog... O_O It's all facebook nowadays. I don't actually have one... But I've been invited to a ton. Bebo, Facebook blah blah. ........There I got signed up. I've signed up for so many things that I'm getting so much junkmail nowadays... Time to start the updates!

Woah! Is that add video thing new? Is it a blogger video player? Got to try it out sometime...

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Naruto Collector 3

^ its out now, gotta go get it! Quick! QUICK LIKE! ^

Akatsui Party yay!

We're seeing a lot more of the Akatsuki these days. Its actually quite funny when they're all gathered and discussing. It kind of reminds me of doujins, because they're always about the akatsuki and their lifestyle and stuff. haha, its funny. And you know doujins are funny so these akatsuki scenes are naturally pretty funny. Well to me anyways.

And the things they say are kind of funny too if you think about it. First of all, Leader: " I'm gonna rule the world! Muahaha." And then it was, "I always hated the zombie twins." <-- Deidara. And then Tobi starts being an idiot, just like in the doujins. tsk. I wonder if MK is getting ideas from those doujins... Also Deidara was all: "Hey Itachi, you're probably pretty proud, Sasuke, your brother, killed Oro!" Or was that Kisame...? It doesn't matter, its just funny, haha.

I heard about this one thing where in Japan they were planning on banning doujins. I think they are referring to the doujins that actually get printed in volumes. Yeah, who can really control the internet. Like, really.

Friday, May 11, 2007

BLEACH caught up!

I've finally caught up to BLEACH. For a while i missed a couple of week, I started reading. Then I got a lot more busy, and stopped reading. I think it was back in December I read the last chapter, until recently I've found more time to read it and caught up. Thanks to Golden Week, gave me an extra week. hehe. As of now I am waiting for the next chapters of Naruto and Bleach. Hopefully they will come out today.

Unlike Bleach, I've been reading Naruto as soon as it comes out every week. Partly because I read it every week while I was away during the summer. AWAY from my computer. =_= I've noticed this is the first Bleach post I've ever written on this blog. Kinda sad, Bleach is one of my favourites. Especially now, the suspense is building up, with both Ichigo and Rukia assumed dead. And I actually like that Ulquoria guy. <-- is that how you spell it? oh well >_< He's better than Grimjow for sure. Anyway, I've noticed I'm lagging again on posts. I'll try to post more often, skating ends as of today, so I'll have more time yay! OH YES, I'm going to COMIC-CON! yay! I wish I could have planned to go to Anime Expo, but it's way too early, I'm still doing exams then! hehe.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Chapter 347: A fangirls dream come true...

Konohamaru's done it now... Even Naruto is mad, but Sakura's just an idiot... Kakashi's not suprised, due to the fact that he's seen more inappropriate. And Sai's not human so he doesn't know really, how he's supposed to act.
Well, i think Masashi Kishimoto's trying just a tinsy bit too hard... he said in this interview he was going to try to incorporate more romance, and then you get the Kurenai Asuma thing, and now this... yes, a fangirls dream come true. But I'm not a fangirl, I'm a Narutard! Yosh! We're seeing so much naked people nowadays...

Thursday, February 08, 2007

American Anime Awards Finalists

The first ever American Anime Awards has announced the finalists at the New York Comic Con.

The top five finalists for the first American Anime Awards are as follows:

Best Actor

Johnny Yong Bosch (Akira, Bleach, Eureka 7)
Crispin Freeman (Hellsing Ultimate, Noein, Revolutionary Girl Utena)
Richard Hayworth (Rurouni Kenshin)
Yuri Lowenthal (Naruto)
Vic Mignogna (Fullmetal Alchemist, Macross)

Best Actress

Luci Christian (Princess Tutu)
Susan Dalian (Naruto)
Mary Elizabeth (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG)
Maile Flanagan (Naruto)
Michelle Ruff (Bleach, Lupin the 3rd)

Best Actor in a Comedy

Greg Ayres (Negima, Nerima Daikon Brothers)
Johnny Yong Bosch (Akira)
Liam O'Brien (Comic Party, DNA Squared, Girls Bravo)
Tony Oliver (Lupin III)
Dave Wittenberg (Zatch Bell)

Best Actress in a Comedy

Laura Bailey (Kodocha)
Luci Christian (Desert Punk, Negima, Nerima Daikon Brothers)
Debi Derryberry (Zatch Bell)
Hillary Haag (Paniponi Dash)
Michelle Ruff (Lupin the 3rd)

Best Cast

Fullmetal Alchemist
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG

Best DVD Package Design

Bleach Vol. 1
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Fullmetal Alchemist
Hellsing Ultimate 1--Limited Edition Steelcase
Naruto Uncut Box Set Vol. 1

Best Anime Theme Song

Asterisk (Bleach)
Heart of Sword--Yoake Mae (Rurouni Kenshin)
Rewrite (Fullmetal Alchemist)
Ride on Shooting Star (FLCL)
Rise (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig)

Best Comedy Anime

Ah! My Goddess TV
Ranma 1/2
Tenchi Muyo OVA

Best Anime Feature

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Fullmetal Alchemist--The Movie
Inuyasha Movie 4: Fire on Mystic Island
Pokemon Movie 8: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew

Best Short Series

Elfen Lied
Gravitation TV
Hellsing Ultimate
Ranma 1/2 OAV

Best Long Series

Fullmetal Alchemist
Rurouni Kenshin
Samurai Champloo

Best Manga

Death Note
Fruits Basket
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days

Kodocha got nominated a few times, I've actually never seen the dubs before, I wonder what they sound like... really can't imagine it... Naruto got lots too YAY!!! I was a bit surprised how FMA didn't get the Best Manga top five, its way better than Bleach. Not a lot of variety in all of the Anime/Mangas mentioned, but thats expected eh? but I really hope the lisensing doesn't continue. Anime will get too popular and I won't feel special anymore! >w< I know, I'm selfish...

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Meru Puri

Yay! I've finally finished this series! I've had it for along time, i just didn't have the time to read it. Now that finals are over, I finished reading them. I've been very busy because of exams, I haven't post for a long time. ll-.-

Anyways, back to Meru Puri. I like the story, it's very unique. The drawings are perfect, that's because it Matsuri Hino! hehehe... I like how she makes the story suspenseful and intense without making it a hentai hehehehe..... <--- nervous laugh... Now if only ch. 24 of Vampire Knight would hurry up and come out.

Yes, I have a lot to update eh? My last posts were around Christmas.... ll-__- I made a New Years Resolution: it's to write 100+ posts and have 1000+ visitors. Well better get working... I'll be going now...

Monday, January 01, 2007

Conqueror of Shambala: Ending

I finished the ending of Hagaren the Movie. The ending was.....SUCKY!!! Uh, uh, uh WAH!!! Ed goes back, meets Al and beats bad guy up, then he should STAY there!!! Hawkeye and Armstrong didn't get to meet him yet!!! WAH!!! What the hell, the Atomic Bomb goes off and kills people anyway, you didn't have to be there!! Hughes look-a-like kills that lady (I forget her name... o.o), you didn't have to be there!!! That's it, I'll stick to the manga, the work of Hiromu Arakawa forever!!!

A New Year: Narutard's Life

During the last hour of the last year I was playing RusBlocks on my Mp3/Mp4. I got 2300 points in the ten minutes from 24:55 to 00:05. YAY! Feel the aura of my skillfulness that can also be felt through cyberspace. That's it... 2007 is a boring number...

Edit: Sorry no picture, couldn't get a clear enough image of my mp3 screen...

Naruto to the Rescue!!!

Predictable but SOO exciting!!! YAY! Team 7 comes to the rescue. But Sai shouldn't be there -.- not that Sasuke should either... Naruto was like Wind Rasengan without a flinch! And Kakashi's standing there like an idiot going, what?!?! What?!?!? What?!?! Naruto did the Wind Rasengan!!!But Shikamaru's still in the woods, will he die? O.o NAH, Hidan and Kakuzu will just die and Naruto will be victorious and hero-like! YAY!!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Ouran High School Host Club: Memorable scene

Haruhi: I...I love the host club too! *Reaches out hand*
Tamaki: *Stands up, reaches out hand in a daze*
Lady Eclair: *Grabs on to Tamaki's wrist*
Tamaki: *Looks down at Eclair*
Lady Eclair: *Looks down then up at Tamaki*
Haruhi: *Chariot goes out of control, Haruhi loses balance falls back, off bridge in slow motion*
Lady Eclair: *Looks away and lets go of Tamaki*
Tamaki: Arigato
Lady Eclair: *Looks up, tear*
Tamaki: *Leaps off the bridge and to Haruhi* HARUHI!
Haruhi: *Reaches out hand* Sempai!
*Hugs in midair*
*Falls head first into water*
End of Scene

My sister and I always act this out...

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Bokura ga Ita

This anime seems very familiar, it feels as if I’ve seen it before, it’s very weird… I like it so far, the animation isn’t that good, but then again, which anime has good animation throughout? Tell me if you have one. The face is very plain and the eyes look weird sometimes, but the body proportions are really good. The story is good so far, humor bearable, voices not annoying. I like the front song, the clip looks dramaish. There’s only 4 episodes on CrunchyRoll, maybe it’s on GoogleVideo? I’m almost certain it’s on YouTube, but as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t like YouTube that much. To watch it, I have to find time eh? Now if I could just find some time…

In Search of an Anime…

I watched this anime when I was little, but I have no idea what it is. The only thing I remember about it is it’s kind of like sailor moon only there are three girls instead of 6. And of course there’s a guy involved. I’m almost certain that it hasn’t been licensed, but I may be wrong. I’m sure lots of animes would fit that description eh? I probably wouldn’t even like it even if I did find it. But it’s fun to look it up and find out. I’ll Yahoo! Answer it later, it always works. Tell me if you know anything.

In Search of a New Shoujo to Read

I feel like reading a good shoujo that I haven’t yet. I haven’t read a lot of shoujo in actual fact. But, you know I’m a pretty normal girl, and normal girls naturally like shoujo. There are only a handful of shounen I like and can keep up with since most of them are so long. And a lot of them are the same genre. Whereas, Shoujo is made for girls, easy to read and in most cases, much shorter than shounen. But I can’t just go about and pick up some random shoujo manga, I might be missing out on something! So I’m asking around. No shounen/shoujo ai though, I hate that kind of stuff. And no childish loves, siblings love, pedophile love etc. Unless it’s of comical use and does not concern the main characters, like Ouran High, Hikaru and Kaoru’s relationship is only used for comical purposes.

I’ve read Vampire Knight, Backstage Prince, Zodiac PI, Itazura no Kiss, Goong, Punch and Pita Ten. There’s probably more, I just don’t remember… yes, so if there’s any manga that you think I might like, please comment. I feel so lonely when nobody comments.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hagaren 64

Read it today, the chapter was quite entertaining. Brings back the reason why I like FMA so much. I was kind of expecting Armstrong’s sister to look a little like that. I heard that the anime Armstrong sister is very pretty. I’m sure they look different though. Manga Armstrong sister isn’t pretty, not that she’s ugly either. Description doesn’t fit. Then again, you can’t trust my sister with description. I am falling behind though, aren’t I? Hagaren 66 comes out in a few days. Can’t wait! ZOMGFTA is the best. I love the website and the scans. Some websites of other scans are horrible! Even though we do fully appreciate their effort and work.

The Conqueror of Shambala

I’ve watched some of it during the weekend. Quite exciting actually. Brings back the feeling of a movie and why people watch them so much. I feel like I’ve been watching too much anime episodes and dramas lately. Seriously, how can a former go-to-the-movies-3-times-a-month person forget what a movie feels like? Yeah, I used to go to Rainbow Cinemas, $3 per person Rainbow Cinemas, and watch all the old movies. They’re not old, old actually, just out of the $8 theatres. If you’ve ever been to Rainbows you’ll know what I’m talking about. Anyway, back on topic, this movie looks pretty good, probably because it’s a one time kind of thing, or am I wrong? It does tell the end of the Anime story, so it’s a biggy. Parts of it I didn’t really get because I didn’t finish all of the anime. That’s partly why I didn’t watch it until now…I’ve has it on my computer for about three months…hehehehe… But I do know that the sins are different people. That’s mostly why the story is so different. And also the fact that this Rose character actually plays a much bigger role in the Anime. And it looks like Hohenheim is the one making all the sins, which in the manga he does not. The anime is quite creative, the World War II thing and the atomic bomb. I kinda want to see just the end of the Anime series, just the exciting parts. Can anybody tell me when it starts? The exciting parts? Appreciate it. Well, I guess now you’ll just be awaiting my finishing of the movie. Be patient, eh? Days are short.

Kodocha/ Kodomo no Omocha

I began to watch this again quite recently. What I mean by again is because I’ve actually watched it before, when I was about 10, 11 or 12. It was during the summer I was in Taiwan. Back then, it was kind of inappropriate, due to the fact that Rei-chan is a pedophile and everything. Every time my mom saw it, she’d be like, turn that off! But I never forgot about it. It’s been Sanan ever since that time. Until I was it in Anime Insider or some other random magazine. I didn’t realize it had a different name. Quite recently, I decided to search it up on the internet, but couldn’t find it anywhere! I didn’t doubt that it didn’t exist in the community. Something that could’ve gotten licensed in North America had to have been Fan subbed. So I decided to ask about it on Yahoo! Answers, which is a great resource, by the way. I didn’t go back and look for answers until they emailed me and said the best answer had already been picked. It wasn’t until then did I find out that it was kodocha or Kodomo no Omocha. Thus, the viewing began. I watch it on YouTube since GoogleVideo didn’t have it, which was quite disappointing, since I like GoogleVideo better. Well, Anyway, as of now, I am on episode 21…or was it 22… The episode of mini Hayama. Watch me fly like the wind and get to the last episode ever fan subbed…

Monday, November 27, 2006

Naruto Collector 2

YAY! Naruto Collector 2! Got it yesterday when we went grocery shopping. It was $12.99, because I'm Canadian... You know US and Canadian dollar has little difference these days. I'm quite suprised how quick this came out... There is no way I'll ever get the trading cards...way too expensive. Never mind the extra rare ones, I don't live in the US. Unless they have a convention in Seattle next summer. What the hell is WonderSwan? I'll find out on Wiki later. I have to admit the figurines are getting better, I like the book holder thing! Uzumaki Chronicles looks awesome! I'm just slightly envious. The graphics are superb, but the game isn't that long. Still, I'm very proud that Naruto is popular enough to achieve such an effort. But really, why Chouji?

More Later! Please Comment!

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Technorati Profile

Death Note

My newly addicted addiction is this. I totally love the drawings and the story is unbelieveable. When you read the discription, you'll be like, oh...this is really interesting...some physco maniac trying to make a Utopia...yes very interesting...not. But it's actually not that evil and bad guy cackly, if you know what I mean. Raito is unbelieveably smart, he's literally a genius. You can't help wonder how the hell he can keep his normal heart rate going in such situations. And you can't forget L, I swear, not one person will ever hate L. His geniousness is at the same level, or maybe even higher than Raito's. But if you were to ask me who I liked better, I would be like L L L!!!

Some pics, if I may...

Raito, L, L

BIG HUMONGUS picture of L!

More Later! Please Comment!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Naruto: Clash of Ninja 2

This came out, as you should know, Sept. 26, and it was a Wednesday so I didn't get to go and buy it. On Saturday, we went to Future Shop, and guess what? They didn't have it yet. Of course, you could imagine my disappointment. We were driving and past EB Games and decided to try there. At first I was like, nah, if it's not in Future Shop, it's probably not here. So we were approaching the Gamecube section when all of a sudden, my sister was like, 'It's there! It's there! OMG they have it! I'll go get dad!' And then the cashier guy was like all, ' uh oh! They found it!' And then we bought it and were all joyous and went home and played for like 5 hours. My sister was already on her way to unlocking Oro on the 2nd day. I'll probably play it on another memory card and do it slowly... Bad thing about it is that we have only one controller. Like lame-o!! Sorry, I just had to say that. It is quite rare isn't it. We'll borrow controllers and then eventually have our own. In the meantime, I'll sit down and wait for news on Clash of Ninja 3. Maybe there already is, only I just don't know it... tell me if you do eh?

More Later! Please Comment!

*Edit: sorry I could only get this small pic

Gen Con

Well, it's in both Shonen Jump and Shojo Beat. And of course, I totally want to go. But no such luck eh? When I was in Taiwan this summer they had a manga convention for like 3 days or something and I didn't go. I totally would've got to go. But we didn't because everything was so rushed those few days. I hope that I'll get to go to at least one manga/anime convention in my life! Anybody have info of one in and around Vancouver please tell me! Or maybe I could make it to Seattle too. Well, all I gotta do now is hope that luck will strike me a match.

More Later! Please Comment!

Naruto Episode 201.5

After the 202-204 special came out people started calling this episode 201.5, because, as the people claim, it wasn't an actual episode. If you ask me, it sure was a better episode than some of the rest. But it was kind of over how they acutally showed Sasuke...I think anyways. Well, I guess most of us Naruto fans not in Japan would already know what will happen with Sasuke, but you do have to remember that most people in Japan who watch the show probably wouldn't have read all of the manga. In addition to the fact that Naruto and Sakura treated it so lightly. Anyway that's my opinion, but I think they should do more of these once in a while. Were there any others like this? I only started watching Naruto at episode 160 some, and then of course the ones on YTV. Tell me if I'm missing something.

More Later! Please Comment!

Shojo Beat

I recently saw Shojo Beat in the grocery store and decided to take a look. It was actually quite good. Back when I was totally crazy about Naruto (not saying I'm not crazy about it now, just a little cooled down), I used to hate shojo. But now I'm back into it thanks to my recent craze of dramas. Go to my other blog about it:

Drama Haven.

More Later! Please Comment!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Shonen Jump

This was a while ago, but DUN DUN DUN DUN... I got my first issue of Shonen Jump Magazine! It was the issue with the free Naruto CCG card. Although I've already read the three chapters of Naruto in the issue, I still enjoyed it very much so. The other mangas were ok, but I still can't stand One Piece. Anyway, I haven't got a picture for this post yet, but I'll put it on soon.

More Later! Please Comment!

*Edit: Added Picture

Monday, September 04, 2006

Naruto Clash of Ninja 4

Got this this spring, good and all, but way too less characters. Totally not fair how the Playstation Naruto game has more than double the characters. I get so depressed when I think that other people are playing as Gaara and Hinata, all my other favourite characters too. T_T waaaaaa....

Floating in the clouds when I got this game in the summer when I was in Taiwan. Got it cheaper too because it was a demo. My heart would beat ever so rapidly when I thought of playing this game! *Sigh* Knew something would go terribly wrong though. Turns out you can't play a Japanese versioned game on a North American Gamecube model. The moment the error words came on the TV I was falling off that cloud and straight into hell. The store guy emailed us and told us we needed to buy this card thingy to play it. Well, nobody was nice enough to buy us something like that. My aunts exchanged food miniatures and Dororo figurines for the game we could not play. I AM SO sad.... T_T T_T *sniff*

Cheered up when I found out about this on WIKIPEDIA! Naruto Clash of Ninja 2 comes out September 26th!!!! Can't wait! I'm gonna get it the minute it appears on the shelves of Future Shop! I'm so happy! Maybe I'll post up some photos of the food miniatures and the Dororo Figurine when I get it in the mail. On another note, I quite like wikipedia. Some people don't trust it, but you can always find the right things on there. I was looking for some info for my tech project this one time, and I could only find the right info on wiki. I love WIKIPEDIA! ^.^

More Later eh? Please Comment!!

Akatsuki Leader is...

Found this with someones post in NarutoFan's forum. Obvious someone made it, but I hope it turns out this way .^_^

Please Comment!!

Fullmetal Alchemist: On-going Manga

Turns out FMA is still an on-going manga after all. It features in Monthly Shonen Jump, unlike Naruto and BLEACH which are in Weekly Shonen Jump. Though it doesn't seem like there are a lot of fan sites for FMA. I actually consider Fullmetal to be better than BLEACH. One reason being Fullmetals mangaka Hiromu Arakawa is a lady. Hehehehe... Well I reckon I better go download the Fullmetal Alchemist movie. The introduction is wierd though... something about Ed being in another world... Oh yeah, heard there is a FMA game on playstation. Why???! Why are the good games always on Playstation!?!?!?! T_T I am so depressed, Clash of Ninja 1 totally sucks...(read next post).

Well I'm off to download FMA movie and Naruto 148, haven't seen some of the older fillers yet.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Pill Swallowing

Last night was a great achievement for me. I finally managed to swallow a whole pill! With about a gallon of water though. Last time I had a flu and tried to swallow a whole pill, I threw up most of my lunch. Not a wonderful sight mind you. The rest of the pills got crushed. I must say, that inability was quite embarrassing, due to the fact that everyone younger than me could swallow pills. Not that I was in a rush to learn how to swallow a pill, this new acheivement has greatly suprised me.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Naruto Major Spoiler

4th Hokage
(Yondaime)The 4th is actually quite like the itachi that we've been described to so far. He is nice on the outside and all but he is actually very uneasy with his position. On one hand, he has a duty to protect the village; on the other hand he feels the village puts a limit on his growing power. so during the raid of Kyubi( nine tail), 4th sealed the fox in the belly of his son naruto and left the village with his wife and founded Akatsuki. when the battle is over, and the 3rd saw the seal (and 4th instructions?), he mistakenly thought 4th used the forbiden technique and died. the whole village believing in the 3rd, and the legend of 4th lived on.

4th's wife
Naruto's mother, 3rd daughter. loving mother and loyal wife. she left her new born son with tears. later, she became a member of Akatsuki group. rank #8.

After the 4th left Konoha, he sends invatation for the 3 most potential shinobi in the vilage. Orochimaru, Jiraya and Itachi. Orochimaru accepted immediately, but Jiraya and Itachi refused. 4th doesn't want to go against the will of his old sensei, but he did not give up on young Itachi. (i think there is a time lag between inviting oro and Itachi) 4th threatens to kill the Uchiha clan, Itachi still wont give in. thus 4th sends #2 ranked Akatsuki "white tiger" to murder most of Uchiha clan. Seeing that he is no match to Akatsuki, Itachi agreed to join if "white tiger" would spare Sasuke. Itachi want his brother to became stronger than him, thus lied about the family's death, hoping to let Sasuke's anger to become his strength. Itachi then joined Atatsuki as #3, Orochimaru as #5.

Orochimaru's leaving Konoha was strongly objected by Jiraya. Jiraya ,always believed he could save Orochimaru, finally tipped the 3rd about Oro's secrect place, hoping his sensai would finally talk him out of it. (I dont think this is the same event that was shown in the anime, Oro left village long before Kyubi's attack) In Akatsuki, Orochimaru never trusted Itachi's loyalty with the group, and always was bitter about his being #5. He told 4th about Itachi's real loyalty does not lie with Akatsuki. 4th told Orochimaru if you have the power of Sharingan, then i'll believe you. Orochimaru then challenges Itachi but lost to Sharingan. He then left the group.

Sasuke did not really turn evil. He only wanted to pocess more power. Sasuke's sharingan became more powerfull and eventually killed orochimaru with the help of Kabuto. In the end Sasuke killed Itachi and finally found out the truth, and was send again into despair.

Kakashi died in the battle with "white tiger" while protecting Gai-sensei.(Lee's sensei)

Naruto's final battle is with his father, the legendary "Yellow Flash", the 4th Hokage. Naruto defeated 4th with the help from his mother (died while protecting Naruto, but wounded 4th).In the end, naruto became Hokage as he wished.

Others:Sakura became Tsunade's student. Gaara became Kazekage of sand village. Hinata and Naruto got together, so is Shikamaru and Temari. ( some are told by manga already)

Found this a while ago on a forum and happened upon it in favourites again. The URL is

I personally think this is true, on some points, but maybe not on others.
Not listed in order, the Akatsuki members:

1. Yondaime
2. Yondaime's Wife
3. Itachi
4. Sasori
5. Orochimaru
6. Kisame
7. Deidara
8. White Tiger
9. Zetsu

The list above, which was provided in the forum, does not match with the manga thus far regarding the two recently introduced akatsuki members Kakuzu and Hidan. There appears not to be a White Tiger at all, which also means that Itachi did indeed kill all of the Uchiha clan, unless of course, another of the akatsuki members killed the Uchiha clan. Or, the two akatsuki members that are yet unknown, who are meant to be Yondaime and Yondaime's wife are Yondaime and White Tiger. Then, there would not be a possible relationship between Yondaime and Naruto. Well... we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Naruto Collectors from Shonen Jump

Finally got the Shonen Jump's Naruto Collectors Edition. Bet all you Narutards out there subscribe to monthly Shonen Jump. Pft! This is the first Shonen Jump magazine I've ever owned. I'll be subscribing to monthly Shonen Jump after my other magazines are due.

The Naruto Panini card I got inside. Che! I got Sakura, one of my most hated characters. Perhaps not after the 3 years though. I'm going to go around and look for Naruto trading cards. Should be in Wal-Mart?

Poster included inside. It's double sided, as you can see. Haven't been shopping a lot lately, maybe there are Naruto posters around now?

More Later!